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Josef Steiner

Josef Steiner is an active therapist in the field of Craniosacral Biodynamics and teaches breathing exercises and Trauma Release Education (TRE) at his Naduire Therapy Centre in Galway, Ireland. He trained in BCST at the Karuna Institute with Franklin Sills and has been teaching in Ireland with Steve Haines since the founding of Biodynamic there.

About his approach to teaching

He has been studying aikido for 30 years and has been teaching the martial art for 20 years. He plays the cello and teaches Argentine tango. Ever since his childhood in the Austrian Alps, he has maintained a deep connection with nature and a self-sufficient lifestyle, actively engaging in organic gardening, healthy eating, food preservation and beekeeping.

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Role at the Biodynamic Institute

Josef has been teaching Biodynamics in Ukraine since 2021. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Joseph has supported our students in many ways.


What courses does he teach