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  • Welcome, dear Visitor! Biodynamic Health Institute was formed with the intention of deeply helping people to overcome suffering: anxiety, pain, trauma. We are here because we deeply value life and relationships. Biodynamics and Biodynamic Health are about the inner forces of life and their interaction with the world around us.

    We provide therapy, teach self-help, train highly qualified professionals, and run volunteer projects. We explore what fills life with maximum meaning and how it can be realised in the modern world. This page presents the main areas of our Institute, as well as the schedule of events in the table:

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    Biodynamic clinic

    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful bodywork therapy that works with the whole person. We use touch and bodily awareness to help people reconnect with health. We treat a wide range of issues, from acute pain to existential fear and long-term problems related to anxiety or depression.

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    Tension and Trauma Release (TRE®)

    TRE® is a body-based self-regulation practice for people suffering from stress, anxiety, pain, exhaustion or trauma. Our certified providers guarantee safe and professional support in a group or individual setting, online and in person.

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    Certified Biodynamic training

    Training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) in Ukraine with International Certification. With the participation of world-renowned teachers. The training combines the classical roots of the therapy, knowledge of neurobiology and modern research on trauma and pain. We are developing standards of practice and our own register of specialists in Ukraine.

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    Becoming a TRE provider

    A one-year certified Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) programme. After training, you will be confident in delivering a safe and effective TRE process to people with tension or traumatic experiences.

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    Yoga school

    Yoga Adaptation is a programme that allows you to explore what makes you truly happy, what fills your life with maximum meaning, and how this is possible in our time of stress and anxiety. The training includes bodywork, mindfulness training, positive character development, relationship development and meditation.

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    Maksym Usoltsev

    Founder of the Biodynamic Health Institute in Ukraine. The first certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in Ukraine. Certified TRE provider, trauma therapist and hypnotherapist. Rehabilitation therapist and organisational psychologist by training. He has been teaching yoga for 15 years.

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    Tatiana Usoltseva

    Co-founder of the Institute. TRE® certified provider. Rehabilitation therapist by education. Student of the Biodynamics course (BCST). Teacher of Tribal Fusion.

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