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TRE® (trauma releasing exercises) —
Release of tension and trauma in Ukraine

Tension and trauma release exercises or TRE® is a bodily self-regulation practice for people suffering from stress, anxiety, pain, exhaustion or trauma. We teach how to safely live through and end stress in your body, through body awareness, exercise and triggering the natural reflex mechanism of shaking. TRE® practice:

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    increases the body's resistance as it induces deep relaxation;

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    releases emotions - from mild upset to severe anxiety;

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    unravels old or dense stress patterns;

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    reduces the charge of stress hormones and unhealthy chemical build-up;

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    returns the body to a natural balance and stable state;

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    develops the ability to manage your condition and life;

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    trains stress resistance and the ability to face difficulties;

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    awakens your body, restoring a sense of its integrity and vitality.

Signing up for TRE® sessions and classes

TRE® individually


TRE can be delivered as individual trauma therapy in face-to-face or online sessions. Our certified provider will guide you sensitively, adapting the practice to your history of trauma and stress.


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  • Ukraine, Kyiv, 79-A Volodymyrska St., office 12

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The cost of a Trauma Release session

  • From 1500 UAH to 2500 UAH depending on the therapist. Use the online booking to see prices, as well as to check and book your available time now. What are the cancellation policies?

Group sessions with TRE®

  • Or you can practice TRE® in a group class format. Some people enjoy the group dynamic. You can also join a year-long TRE® Certified Programme to lead others through the process. You can see the schedule of classes in the table below.
Class schedule

TRE providers


Development of self-training and number of sessions

In order to achieve effective results and develop a strong practice, it is useful to complete a course of 6 or more sessions or group sessions. However, the number depends on each person's individual history of trauma and stress.

Once the technique has been learned and adjusted, TRE® can be practiced independently throughout life as a self-help tool to promote health, increase resilience and release stress.

Some people who are recovering from chronic stress, anxiety or trauma may face deeper emotional and psychosomatic issues that require a long-term professional approach in our clinic. In such cases, TRE® practice can be an excellent complement to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy sessions.


How Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises works

Under conditions of stress and trauma, old primitive reflexive brain areas get stuck in defensive strategies of fight, flight or freeze. This reaction can remain in the body long after the event and become chronic. This is the main cause of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, exhaustion, apathy, and more.

Through body awareness, special exercises and natural tremors, we can reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. The healing relaxation response occurs only when the body's accumulated arousal, which arises from tension, is discharged. But if the discharge reaction is inhibited, which often happens to us, symptoms of traumatic stress arise.

The goal is to change the body first, not to start with the mind. This practice does not require talking about events, feelings or problems. Ending the defence reactions in the body leads to both health and greater awareness in life.


About body awareness

The first stage of healing is to become more aware of your body. Traumatic stress leads to a loss of contact with the body - dissociation. If it is difficult to feel your body, it is difficult to heal. Embodiment tools help you regain a sense of safety and presence in your body.

Contact with the body helps to ground and respond from the present moment, not from past experiences when there are shocks. These skills help to regulate unpleasant, uncontrollable or overwhelming feelings and sensations in the body by reducing their volume.

Developing body awareness allows you to act gently and be attentive to signs of overstrain. This allows you to move at a pace that supports self-regulation and express images, sensations, feelings, memories in manageable amounts. The ability to regulate the intensity of the load, feelings, stop and start the tremor process is an important part of learning. In this way, we regain a sense of control over our condition and life.


About exercise

TRE® has a sequence of gentle physical exercises. The exercises help to further ground your body, reduce the influence of defence reflexes, and tire the pelvic muscles so that they can start to tremble. The exercise sequence is very reliable, adaptable and has been tested on hundreds of thousands of people.


About therapeutic tremor

Shaking is a magical part of TRE, where self-healing and clearing of overwhelming experiences takes place. We help people to develop shaking in a safe and curious way that promotes change and learning - it is a new stimulus for the central nervous system. The shiver spreads through the body, releasing tension and creating a safe sense of connection and lightness that calms the nervous system.

We have central regulators - oscillatory neurons in the spinal cord. What we do in TRE is to put them into a positive feedback loop. Over time, you will learn to let go of your body and allow tremors to happen without doing all the exercises. Experienced practitioners can initiate the tremors simply by being aware of their body.


Who the TRE® practice is for

TRE® can help anyone who may find themselves in a life situation where stress, overload, anxiety and pain are compromising their health and well-being. Recommended:

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    people with health, financial or family problems;

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    parents who would like to have more contact and patience with their children;

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    those who feel apathetic, stressed, anxious or traumatised;

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    those who suffer from pain, inflammation or stiffness in the body;

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    victims of violence or accidents;

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    combatants and victims of PTSD;


What TRE works with

TRE is a great way to release tension from the body and help it heal itself, as well as learn important skills to manage your emotional response to stressful situations. Immediately after practising TRE®, people often use the words "grounded", "relaxed" and "calmer" to describe how they feel. If you practice for several months:

  • Physical level: increased mobility and flexibility of the body, more energy and relief of many inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Pain level: relief of migraines, back, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain.

  • Emotional level: reducing the charge of anger, fear, doubt, worry, control, rage and anxiety, which can contribute to better sleep.

  • In the professional sphere: greater self-confidence, sociality, expressiveness, openness, focus, ability to cooperate and trust.

  • In relationships: feeling more loving, present, less reactive, more generous, sociable, intimate, caring, safe, able to express yourself and achieve orgasm.

  • Spiritual level: development of a sense of connection with oneself, others and nature, deeper bodily awareness, more naturalness in meditation practices.


Frequently asked questions about Tension and Resistance Exercise (TRE)


    Sometimes when we shake, the sensations in our body can be more intense. This can be frightening. Sometimes we need to rest and focus on calming down. If you feel worse after more than 48 hours and the intensity of the shaking is more than 6 out of 10, you have almost certainly done too much. It's not that shaking is bad, but that there may have been too many changes too quickly.
    • Side effects include mild nausea and headaches if you overdo it, but TRE is just as safe as other exercise-based stress relief practices, such as yoga.
    • Often the answer is to shake again, but halve the time you shake. Most people who feel worse at the beginning of a workout probably went too deep and too fast. Slowly is the best way to work through an injury, working in small, controlled chunks.
    • Use a timer to help you keep track of time. Even 5 minutes can be a long time when you are learning or in a very challenging situation. For some people, even 1 minute may be enough.
    • If you feel like everything is happening too fast, or you feel like you are daydreaming, floating, and without grounding, stop shaking. Slow down with your legs apart and roll onto your side.
    • If reconnecting with safety and lightness is too difficult on your own, talk to other people who are safe and talk to your TRE provider to learn about some tools to help you reduce your shaking and get grounded again.

    Start slowly. Learn how your body responds to shaking. Shivering 3 times a week is a strong practice, perhaps no more than 10-15 minutes of shivering after exercise if you are new to TRE.
    • You can gradually increase the amount of training as you feel more confident - longer periods of shaking and more often. Some people shake every day for many weeks, while others find that once a week or after a stressful event is enough.
    • TRE is a self-regulating tool. Experiment to find the dose and pace that works for you.
    • Most people can learn the structure and skills in one or two sessions or groups. In order to develop a strong practice, we find it helpful to complete a course of 6 or more sessions or groups. Additional support in facilitated sessions or groups helps to really develop skills and confidence in dealing with tremor.

    TRE® came about as a result of Dr David Bersely's work with large traumatised communities while living in Africa and the Middle East. His observations and research led him to understand that this natural tremor response is the body's own built-in system to calm the brain and release muscle tension as a way of healing from chronic stress, tension and trauma.
    • "I've always envisioned TRE as a self-help tool for people who may not have access to psychotherapy or other forms of help; they just need a self-help method to manage their tension and daily stress on their own." D. Berseli.
    • At our Biodynamic Institute, we are expanding the TRE method by placing more emphasis on developing body awareness. We integrate a lot of biodynamic craniosacral therapy into TRE classes. In this way, TRE practice becomes a self-sufficient somatic trauma therapy when you need help with a deeper emotional release.

    Materials to help you learn the Tension and Release Exercises (TRE®). Recommended for study after practice with a certified provider. You can get the materials for free by clicking here.
фото Cтати сертифікованим TRE® провайдером

Become a certified TRE® provider - if you would like to learn how to deliver the TRE® process to others, then we invite you to a one-year certified programme. Once trained, you will be able to safely and effectively deliver TRE® to people who are experiencing stressful or traumatic experiences.

About TRE® training

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