фото Максима Усольцева

Maxim Usoltsev

Dear guest! I am very glad to meet you, but now I will tell you about myself. I am passionately developing methods of body therapy in Ukraine. Especially biodynamic craniosacral therapy as a deep method of therapy for anxiety, pain, trauma and more. For this purpose I created the Biodynamic Health Institute and organised all the directions within it.

About therapy

I started my journey as a yoga teacher. As I had been interested in yoga and meditation since the age of 13, I started my first classes at the age of 18 (from 2009). Next came the study of osteopathy, movement therapy, psychotherapy and even hypnotherapy, but these quickly faded into the background when I was struck by the depth and sensitivity of touch in biodynamics.

I had a chronic pattern, pain with tension and depression, due to the stresses I had experienced as a child. And biodynamics was like a breath of fresh air amidst all the methods, as if it was the only thing I was capable of helping at the time. I experienced a safety and calmness that can only be felt in utero. The touch is very gentle but touches the whole of you, allowing the deep stories that have been fixed in us to be resolved. I felt it was a wonderful way to help people.

Exploring biodynamics

  • I have been fortunate to study with teachers who were involved in the development of biodynamic craniosacral therapy: Kathryn Ukleja and Colin Perrow. I was also fortunate to study with renowned teachers who have made great contributions to the development of biodynamics: Steve Haines, Josef Steiner, Michael Kern. At the end of the training I was the first certified specialist in Ukraine. And after that I wanted to organise a Biodynamic Clinic and a certified training course.
фото Йога

Yoga and TRE

For me, yoga has never been about what is offered in yoga studios nowadays. I was drawn to yoga in its traditional spiritual understanding. I draw a lot from the study and practice of Buddhism. But I also have therapeutic experience working with anxiety, pain and traumatic experiences. I like to make the connection between the importance of reconnecting with the world of body sensations, developing vibrancy, developing mindfulness in relationships with others and exploring my human nature with an understanding of what really makes one happy.

I use the TRE method to teach people self-regulation. I often integrate my experience as a therapist and yoga teacher to teach relaxation skills to others.


What courses does he teach


My primary education:

  • іконкаInternational Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) training in IABT - International Association of Biodynamic Training;
  • іконкаInternational training in Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) - TRE for ALL and TRE College;
  • іконкаSpeciality Orthopedagogy and Rehabilitation at the Institute of Correctional Psychology and Pedagogy at the N.P.Dragomanov National University of Ukraine;
  • іконкаSpeciality Organisational Psychology and Personnel Management at Vadim Hetman KNEU;
  • іконкаBelarusian State University, Faculty of Sociocultural Communications, "Ericksonian Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis";
  • іконкаI am studying at the Longchen Rabjam Buddhist Shedra organised by Ganteng Tulku Rinpoche.